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Recommended design for using multiple PGs for one ACD

Ref:  ICM 8.5 with Avaya Aura CM 6.3 and AES 6.3

We have been told by Cisco that we should not have more than 3000 agents+CTI on our current PG pair.  Since we project we will exceed 3000 agents before the end of the year, we are planning to add another PG pair (with CTI).  We have several different lines of business so we just assumed that we should migrate some to be exclusively on the new PG pair.  Of course, that means we will also have to Translation Route calls transferred between the LOB. 

This set us to thinking that there might be a better way.  Does anyone here currently deal with ICM and an Avaya ACD with more than 3000 agents?  If so, can you please share your architecture?  Specifically, do both of your PG pair share the same AES with different Signal ID?  If so, do you share or separate the Switch Links?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

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2000 is the limit per PG not

2000 is the limit per PG not 3000, and that is if you are using Finesse or CTI OS, with CAD it's only 1000.  Simply create a second PG (separate server as 2 PIMs on the same PG are not supported for CUCM) and then assign some agents to PG1 and others to PG2, where you will run into limitations is Agent teams where if supervisor needs to monitor agents accords multiple PGs he or she will need to login separately.  Also, if you are using traditional skill groups vs. precision queues you may want to look into enterprise skill groups.


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Thanks for responding, Chris.

Thanks for responding, Chris.  We are not using CUCM.  We have Avaya Aura CM.  As such, our Cisco Sales Engineer was quite definitive that our PGs will support 3000 with CTIOS.  We do not use CAD.

The dual-PG design was our plan.  However, my question is more about whether each PIM needs a separate AES Signal ID and, if so, whether each Signal ID needs a separate CTI link.  I know those are more Avaya-specific question but I'm hoping there is someone on here with a similar environment.

I had an additional thought today:  It is possible to configure PIMs on two different servers with the same Logical Controller ID such that we would not have to change any Translation Routes.  The Services and SkillGroups would still be separate, of course.

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