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recording a call via cistera not working for one agent in particular

I have a customer that is trying to record all calls coming into their call center. They log into cisco agent desktop and then go into ready state and then start taking calls. When they do at the main site, everything works great, no problems at all at any time. When the one agent across the vpn does, they can record calls anytime except when they go into "ready" state in CAD. See the topology diagram attached, and if anyone has heard of this or seen this, I would appreciate any comments/help in this matter. Calls to this extension internal to internal can be recorded, and calls from the outside that are transferred to this extension can be recorded, just not when they go into ready state. And, its only that one agent. They dont have any other agents at that remote location, so I dont know if its really all of them, or just this one, but the one is all they have. Again, any help appreciated.

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