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Red Phone application

For a "Red Phone" situation, we need to propose an application who forwards the Red Phone calls to a "pool" of mobile-GSM numbers. Callers to the red phone should allways have to get someone on the line.

If we just configure the red phone his ForwardAll to the mobile phone number, there is a possibility the mobile phone is unavailable and the call is passed to the voicemail of the mobile phone.

In this case, the call to the Red Phone should be forwarded to a second mobile number.

When the call is transferred to the mobile phone his voicemail box, there is a connect, so there is no way to just transfer to the second mobile number.

I have done some test with IPCC express, but cannot find a working solution.

My idea was :

Customer is calling the red phone, which is forwarded to CTI of IPCC express.

The IPCC script will call to the mobile phone number (either with the Call Redirect step or Place Call step)

Play a prompt (e.g. press one to accept the call) to the Mobile phone user by using the menu step.

When the mobile phone user presses 1, he would get the call. (Voicemail will not presses 1)

If this 1 is not pressed in time, a second mobile phone would be called.

Here comes my trouble:

When I use the Call Redirect step, I cannot use the menu step anymore (e.g. under Successful) Media is passed already to the mobile phone

When I use the Place Call step, I can use the menu step under Successful, but there is (to my knowledge) no way to connect the call in this case.

Any comments - ideas - alternatives are welcome. Thank you.


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Re: Red Phone application

Ooooh. Nice tip. Thank you for telling us to RTFM. Again.

(Ya I know, this post is old, so what?)

Here is what I would do:

Call Contact RedPhoneCaller calls the red phone.

Put on hold or whatever.

Mahe new call in script to moblephone1. Have them press one. If they don't, end call and then make new call w/ Monble2.

When one of the mobiles presses one, end that call, then call-redirect RedPhoneCaller to the moble phone that pressed one.

Problem here is that the mobile phone will end up reciving two calls, the 1st to find out if they can take it...the seconds is real....and you have to assume they will answer the second call.

...I found this post trying to solve a similar problem...trying to stop a call redirect from hitting a voice mail box. Problem is that call redirect is a blind transfer. Later versions of IPCC have a call-consult step, which solves both our problems.

(Thank you Cisco for requiring that we pay for everything again to move to 4.x even w/ SUA contracts on IPCC 3.x)

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