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Redirect CSS in UCCX

Can somebody please explain what the "Redirect CSS" does in the Unified CM trigger configuration and Unified CM call control group configuration.

I can't understand how redirect fits in the configuration here.

I had a issue where internal calls to a certain trigger were fine (all internal numbers and triggers are in the same partition and CSS) but external calls to the trigger failed. But as soon as the "Redirect CSS" on the trigger was changed from "Default calling search space" to "Route point address search space" the calls were successful. Can somebody please explain this behaviour? I could not find any doco thats got this info.



New Member

Re: Redirect CSS in UCCX

Hello, Karthik

May be CSS at your DN settings of trigger is not match Partition of CTI Ports?

New Member

Re: Redirect CSS in UCCX

Hi Andrei,

No the trigger partition/CSS and CTI ports partition/CSS are the same. The only change between the working and non-working states was the "Redirect calling search space".

New Member

Re: Redirect CSS in UCCX

I try set CSS of trigger (CTI Route Point) to "none" and I see same issue - external call is failed, but If thus I change Redirect CSS to Route point address search space or if I return CSS and Redirect CSS of trigger to previous state - external calls is fine. I think that you might check CSS of trigger (CSS of Route Point). Partition of CTI Ports must be subset of trigger CSS.


Re: Redirect CSS in UCCX

The call is on the Route point when UCCX first receives the call from the call manager. To be tranferred from there to the CTI port ( to play IVR )  uccx call control group page instructs the cucm to use either the default css ( gateway css ) or route point ( redirect party) css. Gateway css may be more restrictive as it should be, for security and policies.

In Karthiks call failure case the uccx call control group instructed cucm to use default css (gateway css) which did not have the partition of the cti port and calls failed.  When he used redirect CSS ( the Routepoint css ), it succeeded because the Route point CSS ( the redirecting party ) had the partition of the cti ports and had permission to send the call to cti port and play IVR . IVR plays only if the call reaches the CTI port.

In Andreis case none css means no partition in it. which means even though the call comes to RP the RP does not have permission to send to any other DN or cti port which is in another partition or css. So calls failed. 

hope this helps


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