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Redirecting a call based on ANI

What I would like to do is handle calls in different ways based on the area code it is coming from.  Any tips?


Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI


You can use the Get Call Contact Info step to get the calling number of the triggering contact, after that you can use a java method to take from the calling number just the area code, or you can use and if step with the ".StartsWith(String)" method to catch the area code.


Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI

A large switch step would work too:

switch (calling_number.substring(0, 3)) {

     case '612':

          /* Minneapolis */


     case '305':

          /* Miami */



          /* Other */


But you also could use XML lookups, or DB lookups, or flat file lookups.  There are many choices.

Anthony Holloway

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New Member

Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI

Thanks for the tips guys but I'm still not having much luck.  Essentially, what I would like to do is redirect a call coming from a certain area code and exchange (817-282-****).  I have a switch string in place that is working if I put in an entire number but I have not been able to make it work the way you guys have suggested.  Basically, if the callingnumber is 817-282-**** where the stars are wildcards, it will redirect the call.  What am I missing here?

Super Bronze

Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI


It's not so difficult, both the suggestions you've been given above are valid and pretty clear - basically in the 'Switch Value' field of the switch step, put in one of the fucntions suggested above. So if your variable containing the calling number is a String 'callingnumber', and it has no hyphens or other formatting, and you just want to switch based on a match of the first 6 digits:

callingnumber.substring(0,5)               <--- match the digits from positions 0 to 5

Under 'Cases:'

Values:          Connections

"817282"          Redirect

Then under 'whatever-you-like' add your redirect steps, and under default your default routing steps.

Perhaps have a go and post up your non-working script if you don't have any luck.



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New Member

Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI

Thanks Aaron.  I tried what you suggested with no luck.  Here is the script.

Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI


Try a reactive debug so you can check if the substring method is really taking the first 6 digits of the calling number.


New Member

Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI

That did it.  The reactive script showed me that with using (0,5) I was only picking up the first 5 digits.  I changed it to (0,6) and the script worked.  Thank you.


Re: Redirecting a call based on ANI

The important facts about the Java substring function to remember are:

public String substring(int startIndex, int endIndex)

startIndex is inclusive

endIndex is exclusive