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redirecting fail... destination was busy..

I'm testing my IP IVR with CISCO IPCC configured with CCM 3.3. according to my customer's request who would try to use CISCO IPCC.

But I've encounterd a problem. When redirecting a incoming call on Route point to IVR port (configured as CTI port on CCM) which is idle, I'm getting redirecting fail because destination was busy. But that CTI port was IDLE.

What could cause this redirecting fail?

Is this CCM's bug?

As I know, there is no required additional license for 3rd party IVR integration.

Help me, please.


Re: redirecting fail... destination was busy..

So, you are calling a Route Point from an IP Phone, correct? If so does the calling search space of the IP Phone contain the partitions that the Route Point AND CTI Port are in?

Are you getting a "slow" busy or "fast busy"? Is the Route Point and IVR Port registered?

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andy - berbee

New Member

Re: redirecting fail... destination was busy..

I'm calling a DN representing 2E1 VG using my call generator which is connected to this VG.

Of course all routing points & IVR ports are registered in the same partition and calling search space but not clear for VG.

As U guess, my IVR is using JTAPI for communication with CCM.

When my call generator made several calls at a time,for some calls my IVR gets redirect fail of 'destination was busy' from Routing point to CTI port.And retried to another idle IVR ports, the same errors are repeated that looks like call manager make them blocked at a time for some reason.

At the first time, I was using RouteCallback instead of Redirect for routing incoming call to CTI port.

But I had got RE_Route message caused by 103 error code.

And this is not happended when I've tested my IVR with CCM 3.2 without VGs.

help me, please.

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