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Redundancy IPCCX version 5.0.X

Hi Guys,

Another vendor did the implementation IPCCX Express version 5.0.X and after to do the Window maintenance I verified that the redundancy didn´t work. Are there the specific configuration to do in IPCCX to redundancy to work? I verified that when I disconnect the cable The IPCCX Principal the IPCCX Backup work. This behaviour is normal? The redundancy only work when there is physical down the IPCCX Principal?


Wilson Santana


Re: Redundancy IPCCX version 5.0.X

If it's a network issue, then no, the Engine will continue to think that it's the master, and the secondary node will then elect itself master.  They call this island mode.  A proper failover scenario is when one engine stops/crashes, and the other node detects this, then the secondary node becomes master.  When the primary node recovers, it remains inactive until you force it, or the secondary engine stops/crashes.

If in the Control Center you see both nodes listed, then more than likely the vendor set it up correctly.

Anthony Holloway

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