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remove "Are you still There" in callback Script

Hi All,


I have created a Callback script, the only issue is when agents become available and they pickup the Phone, they would hear "Are you still available" and then the actual Prompt. I read on the forums and people sayinng if we set the "Maximum Retries" to 0, we should not hear "are you still there"


In my case, it does not work, I heard the error Prompt instead!!( I am sorry the system currently has some issues...something like that)


Anyone knows what the issue could be.






VIP Super Bronze

Changing maximum retries to

Changing maximum retries to zero is the correct way to address that issue. If you are getting the system default greeting then your script is crashing. You will need to run a reactive debug to see what is happening. You're also welcome to attach a screenshot or the AEF file and we can take a quick glance.

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Thank you guys, The thing is

Thank you guys,


The thing is I can hear "Are you there and then my prompt which says ' Please press any digit to call the callback Number'! so I have attached the script, change the txt to aef, I set the maximum retries back to default.


Any advice would be appreciated.





Hi Hamed,As Jonathan already

Hi Hamed,

As Jonathan already told you, you can fix that setting your maximum retries to zero. If you are hearing the error prompt maybe you  need to  add something to your "timeout" branch, I guess you're using the menu step or get digit step. But to be completely sure, you can attach a screenshot of your script, as Jonathan also suggested.




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