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Report on option choose?

Hello, option 1,3 and 4 they all go to the same CSQ , is there a way to see how many callers choose 1 ,how many 2 and how many 3? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Report on option choose?

The (semi)-easiest way to do this is separate the IVR into a different application from the CSQ. You can assign the CSQ application multiple triggers and run reports on the quantity of calls to each trigger. You would just need to know which menu option points to which trigger.

To my knowledge there is not a native reporting mechanism for reporting based on menu selections. I can think of at least one way to do this but it would be somewhat complex and require custom scripting and historical reports.

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Re: Report on option choose?

We differentiate between options based on calltype.

So, we'd have a general calltype when the caller enters the IVR menu and based upon the choice in the IVR menu, the calltype is changed. After the new calltype is assigned, we route the call to different (specific) scripts.

Using the calltype historical reports we can report on the amount of calls per IVR option.

Edit: sorry, I overlooked the "same CSQ" part. However, using different calltypes (by assigning them based upon the IVR option chosen before the call is queued, should work.


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