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Report on 'the number of calls' on an IVR Option menu

Dear NetPro gurus,

My customer has an IVR on UCCX which works fine.  However, they have recently add in an 'Option 6' where when PSTN caller press on it, it will redirect the call out to an 1800 number onto the PSTN.

The call connects perfectly fine.  What my customer wants is to have a report on how many PSTN caller press on this newly created Option 6 of the IVR. 

For all the other 5 IVR options, they all have an individual CSQ assigned to them and there is a 'Set Enterprise Call Info' step to send the 'options selected' to UCCX.

However, for this Option 6, since there is no CSQ (because the call gets redirect to a PSTN number), is there any way i can script it so that it can be tally and identified by Cisco Historical Reports too?

I have spent a lot of time on this already so would appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this.



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Report on 'the number of calls' on an IVR Option menu

Hi Hunt

There are quite a few posts on the subject on the forums.

Basically you can do one of these things:

1) Run an 'application summary' report - typically the count of 'flow out' calls will be the  number of calls sent to your 1800 number, if this is the only non-CSQ destination that your script sends calls to (e.g. if there are no other external numbers, voicemail, or internal DNs that you send the calls to other than via a CSQ).

2) Run a 'custom call variables' report and then count up the number of rows that have the info that you set on 'set enterprise call info' when the call was routed externally

3) If those aren't good enough, then you can produce a custom report to show the data in the format the customer wants. This would require some good SQL and Crystal skills...


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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