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Report that generates: the agents that are transferring calls to a specific extension


It is a UCCE system version 9.0

We need to generate a report that shows the agents that are transferring calls to a specific extension.

Has anyone tried to generate such a report?

I need to know which table in the database can provide such information.

The agent_state_trace table contains the EventName field which helps knowing the agents that has performed transferring to calls, but I need to know to which extensions the transferring has happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance



Hi Lara,Agent_State_Trace is

Hi Lara,

Agent_State_Trace is a great source of information, but I believe the Termination_Call_Detail database view should reveal more.

Just to make sure we are on the same frequency: a call routed by ICM gets transferred (either single step transfer or a consult one) and you need to know the final destination of the call. So if the call was transferred to a VDN, with an IVR and a queue behind it, and it reached an agent, you need the final agent's destionation. Is this correct?


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Hi Gergely,Thank you for your

Hi Gergely,

Thank you for your response.

Actually in our case, the agents have the option to re-queue a call (transfer to a CTI Route Point) in case they couldn't help the customers so the call will arrive to another agent that may help.

We need to generate a report that reveals which agents have transferred calls to the CTI Route Point.

Hi,Can you please try the


Can you please try the following (tested with a UCCE 8.0 prod system):

tcd.DigitsDialed AS [OriginalDigitsDialed],
rcd.BeganRoutingDateTime [TransferDateTime],
ag.EnterpriseName AS [OriginalAgentEnterpriseName],
sg.EnterpriseName AS [OriginalAgentSkillGroup],
rcd.DialedNumberString AS [TransferDestinationVDN],
FROM dbo.Termination_Call_Detail tcd
LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT * FROM dbo.Route_Call_Detail WHERE DateTime > @dateFrom) rcd
ON tcd.RouterCallKeyDay = rcd.RouterCallKeyDay AND tcd.RouterCallKey = rcd.RouterCallKey AND rcd.RouterCallKeySequenceNumber > tcd.RouterCallKeySequenceNumber
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Agent ag
ON ag.SkillTargetID = tcd.AgentSkillTargetID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Skill_Group sg
ON tcd.SkillGroupSkillTargetID = sg.SkillTargetID
WHERE tcd.DateTime > @dateFrom
AND tcd.CallDisposition IN (28,29) AND tcd.AgentSkillTargetID IS NOT NULL

Please always use the DateTime filter on both the TCD and the RCD database view, to conserve resources.



Great query Gergely... I'll

Great query Gergely... I'll be saving this for sure


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Thank you so much Gergely.

Thank you so much Gergely.

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Hi Gergely,Hope you are doing

Hi Gergely,

Hope you are doing well.

Actually I found out that the report is generating wrong outputs.

In our case, we have 2 CTI route points that the agents can use to transfer calls: 1234 and 1567.

the report is showing 2 agents as they made transfers to 1567 whereas actually they have never used this number( as the screen recording shows).

In the ICM Configuration Manager, the 2 Dialed Numbers (1234 and 1567) are mapped to different call types and different scripts.

Where do you think the problem may reside?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, is the Agent State Trace

Hi, is the Agent State Trace setting for the two agents enabled?


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Hi,Can you please advise


Can you please advise where to enable this setting.

Thank you,


In ICM Configuration Manager.

In ICM Configuration Manager. Agent Explorer, Advanced tab.

I just want to check whether this is enabled, if yes, I can see exactly what the agents did.


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Yes it is enabled for both of

Yes it is enabled for both of the agents.

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