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Reporting digits dialed from menu trees

Hi everyone,

By chance would anyone be able to answer what the best way to measure and report which digits callers are pressing when they enter in the menu?  Example would be my Help Desk manager would like to see how many people are pressing option 1, 2, 3, or 4 from the main greeting.  Any options that are not being pressed could be deleted or something else could be created under that menu leg.


Re: Reporting digits dialed from menu trees

Is this Express or Enterprise. If Enterprise, are you using IPIVR or CVP?

These three systems are quite different and I encourage all forum members to provide this info when asking questions. It will help greatly.

Some here specialize in UCCX and some in UCCE, and some of the UCCE specialists focus on CVP.



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Re: Reporting digits dialed from menu trees

Its IPCC Express version 4.2 Premium.

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Re: Reporting digits dialed from menu trees

CCX does not do this natively. For better or worse, the db_cra database has no concept of what happens within a script at this level of detail. You have two ways of doing it:

  1. Use an ODBC connection to an external database and use the Database pallette steps to record the choices made into that database. Use a reporting tool of your choosing against that external database.
  2. Record the choices made into the CallerEnteredDigits Enterprise Data variable that is stored to db_cra. You will need to write a custom report that parses this value and places the values into an intellible report. Note that these variables have character limitations so this solution has limits.
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Re: Reporting digits dialed from menu trees

I have been try to extract the same report for months now, the answer to this question would assist me as well. I am running UCCX 7.0(1)SR04ES02_Build023 .

Please advise and one....thanks -

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