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Reserving an agent in IPCC Express


we are wondering how can I solve this scenario, but I don't find a suitable solution.

My scenario is as follows:

     - An agent receives a customer call and needs to transfer the customer call to IVR to request some information (like a PIN).

     - When the IVR finish to collect the information, try to transfer to the agent again. This agent is the same user that has received the call the first time.

I don't know how I can block the agent while the call returns again to him.

Any ideas?


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Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express

There isn't a good way to do this primarily because even if the script where to hold the agent on the line it has no way of bridging the caller back to agent. Scripts are never able to merge two separate contacts together.  The best answer I can give you is to instruct the agent to conference the IVR in instead of transfering it.

Having said that, one option you can consider is agent-based routing transfer after the IVR completes. The limitation here is 1) that you cannot queue the call against an individual agent; if they are busy the step will fail; and 2) You cannot keep the agent Reserved during this time to prevent them from taking another call. At a very high level you would need to do the following to make this work:

      1. Use the Get Call Contact Info step to get the calling and last redirected number values.
      2. Use the Get User step and attempt to find the agent ID from the called or redirected number. Depending when the Get Call Contact Step executes (before or after the agent completes the transfer) the value may be different.
      3. Use the Select Resource step and have it attempt to contact the agent by their user ID vs. a CSQ.
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Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express

Hi Jonathan,

I am looking solution for the IPCC enterprise and CVP for the same above requirement ,would please tell how will i put the call in to the specific agent queue and what status agent should have and how data will be passed ..etc

please let me know if you need further details


Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express

In this case you can use queue to agent node in IPCC Enterprise script editor. With this node you can select the target agent. But your should be in ready state to pick up the call.



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Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express

Hi Antonio,

Why do you need the call to be handle first by an agent? Why don't you send the call first to a prompt that ask the customer for their PIN and if the PIN or the information is correct, then you send the customer to a CSQ.


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Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express

Hi Gabriel,

I understand what Antonio is saying. If the call has been answered by an agent directly and then tranfered to the IVR to validate PIN, credentials,....the call will be tranfered by the IVR back to the same agent that has handled the call from the beginning. I guess that the agent knows the reason of the call. If the call is transfered by the IVR back to a different agent, the customer should explain again the problem....and so on...definetely the best thing is to look for the same agent.

Any ideas how to solve it?

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Re: Reserving an agent in IPCC Express


we have something simmilar running at a customer... the problem here is, that you cant reserve an agent, and as Jonathan explained, even if you could, you cannot easily bridge the caller to this agent.

How we did this:

- Customer Calls Service Line

- Agent needs to send the customer to a PIN Legitimation(transfer to a number)

- Agent gets WrapUp after hitting transfer (should be configured long enough, this insures he does not get another customer call)

- PIN Legitimation System knows the ANI from the transfering agent and transfers the call back as office call to this agent (currently in wrapup).

- They complete the call.


- Agent can get called from somebody while the IVR tries to transfer the customer back to the agent. then you can set CUCM forwardings to get the customer to the service line maybe.

- You have to manually Report this

- You wont get the Data transfered anyways (if you need to send back Data, like "Legitimation successful" or whatever), we do this with a web page in CAD which gets filled by the legitimation system, you can show the correct Data if you identify by customer ANI.

I guess there is not really a cleaner way?



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