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New Member

Resource group selection Problem.


I had a problem with time before on uccx 9 . After changing the time zone,the time problem has been solved.

Now i think we have problem related to license.need to be rehosted.

1-Does the license could affect how the system is working ?

I am asking this question cause i have a problem that is strange.

Using resource groups:

All agents in the same resource group,i choosed Linear and ordered the agents with the priorties as needed from up to down.

I have agents :


With linear the calls keep looping between agent a and b.

Using skills instead of resource groups.I have two skills : sales and IT

a has 10 sales

b has 9 sales

c has 8 sales

d has 7 sales

e has 6 sales

In the CSQ with sales skills only added and the criteria is the most skilled.

The call always loop between a and b.

Don't understand why is this happening!!

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: Resource group selection Problem.

Also we have two lines on each phone.One for uccx and one is the main extension cause we have snr and voice mail,

So i couldn't use the same extension.

Assigned the call pickup group to the CTI ports on UCCX and on CUCM for every uccx dn assigned the same pickup group, but also the pickup fails.

New Member

Resource group selection Problem.

Guys,i found the answer for my question some how but don't know how to fix this.

I have changed the setting of agent state after ring no answer to be always ready.

So now if agent A didn't answer the call the call goes to agent B,and Uccx returns the state of agent A back to ready so the call reverts back to him and so on.

If i used

agent state after ring no answer:Not ready.

Then the call goes to all agents but if all the agents didn't reply ,then the system plays a message :There is an erroe with the system please call back later.

How to resolve this ? I need to make the agents always ready and call goes in the right order of Agents.

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