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ring back tone in ipcc hosted


We have a setup for ipcc hosted 7.2,PGW and CVP in an only vru mode.The call flow is this way PGW gets the call via VG(MGCP) and sends it to Nam via NAM Nic.This is futher passed on to Cicm which triggers a script and then based on a label send to Nam the calls are transfered to cvp for queuing.For a perticular call flow there is db dip done by cvp and a value(External PSTN Number i.e consultants number) is returned to the cicm which is configured for a dynamic label which it sends to PGW and call reaches the consultant.

Requirement----When the caller is getting connected to the consultant the caller hears a ring back tone.If the consultant is busy or does not answer a new pstn number is fetched and the call gets connected to the new consultant.In this entire process the caller should hear a hold music rather than a ring back tone and should not come to know that consultant 1 is busy and consultant 2 has answered.Is there anything which can be done for this from the icm script.

Please note that CCM is not involved for this call flow.

Thanks in advance


Re: ring back tone in ipcc hosted

Re: ring back tone in ipcc hosted

No, I've never been able to figure out an easy way to suppress the ring back tone from the IVR. Of course, if you have auto answer, there will never be any ring back, but not sure this would solve your issue.


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