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Ringback not working when call is offered

When a call is offered to an agent the caller hears dead silence on their end. I have the Call Control Group configured to use the correct MOH source. I have verified that the file will work by changing my MOH for my device to it and it plays. I have also changed all of the CTI ports to use this file for MOH and restarted the CUCM IP Media Voice Streaming Service still without any luck. Anyone know of something I am missing? I am running CUCM 9.1.2 and UCCX 9.0.2

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Ringback not working when call is offered

One common cause of silent MoH is multicast not working. CUCM sends SDP with a multicast address (because the audio source, moh server, and mrg all are set to allow it) but either the router doesn't have multicast enabled or the group isn't being propegated from CUCM to the router.

Turn off multicast on those three places, reset the moh server, and see if you get audio. If you do, you may still want to fix multicast and turn it back on since it provides far better scale.

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Ringback not working when call is offered

Hi Jeff,

Like Jonathan said multicast is unsupported scenerio for UCCX. Make one server as unicast and select the MOH AS in network hold in call control group.

Check MRGL applied on UCCX and make sure unicast MOH server is defined in there. Also from service parameter check is IPVMSA has both g711 and g729 codecs selected.

Some times MOH in UCCX takes effect after UCCX engine restart try that.

Sumit Solomon

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