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ringback tone for icd.aef

i'm uisng ipccx 4.0(5) and trying to deploy with icd.aef for call center. i find the following situation:

1) caller call to ACD queue

2) icd.aef give Welcome prompt

3) if agent avaliable, then call route to that agent.

4) but, caller hear "slient" when that agent's phone is ringing.

How to solve this problem?


Re: ringback tone for icd.aef


When you hear that silent, you are hearing the CTI Port MoH. If you would like to hear ringback, you have to associate a rinback MoH to the CTI ports used by IPCC Express.

There are a couple of 'ringback' wavs examples in IPCC Express directory folders.


Juan Luis

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Re: ringback tone for icd.aef

Hi Mike,

Just a note to ad to Juan Luis's good info (5 points for your continued great work JL :)

Here is a good reference;

Q. How do I make the Music on Hold (MOH) as a ringback tone when using Cisco CallManager with IPCC?

A. When an ICD call rings an agent, the caller is put on hold by the CallManager. At this point, the CallManager MOH can be used to play a ringback tone to the ICD caller while waiting for the Agent to answer the phone. In order to set this up, you need to configure all the CTI ports Network Hold Audio Source as the wav file (ringback.wav) you want to play during the consult transfer.

Note: Make sure that the ringback.wav file is in the CallManager server and configured appropriately. Otherwise this can cause CPU spiking in Cisco CallManager.

Take care,


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Re: ringback tone for icd.aef

If i use ringback.wav file for MOH, it will also affect all the IP phones. Right? Do i need to create a separate MRGL? However, if i do it, the agent make extn call and put on hold also give ringback tone. How to solve it?

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Re: ringback tone for icd.aef

Hi Mike,

This can be applied to the CTI Ports via the Device Pool (Network Hold MOH Audio Source) so it won't have any effect on other IP Phones. Also, leave the Network/User Hold Audio Source as standard for the Agent phones so that when they put someone on Hold the standard Audio MOH Source is played.

Hope this helps!


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