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New Member

RNA TImeout in CVP DN Pattern


We are figuring out the way to configure the RONA for agent who handles incoming call. I believe we can do tht on following three ways(Agent desk settings, In call manager & by creating DN pattern in CVP).. So i planned to go for third option also found a snippet from one our old lab CVP box. I have attached the screenshot of DN Pattern in CVP Ops console. And by seeing that i have below doubts please refer the screenshot before seeing below:

1. My Understanding: On DN Pattern if we give 1908572< means it will apply for all the number starts with 1908572..

Clarification: What is the solution if we are doing tht for set of number which is not in series but belongs to same skill group eg: (9085721345,9038765940,8884950394)


2. My Understanding: Enable RNA Timeout for Outbound calls: It applies only for outbound call

Clarification: But i want to do it for inbound calls, please let me know how we can acomplish




Hello,First, let me clarify


First, let me clarify something...

  • Agent Desk Settings "Ring no answer time" - This is the amount of time ICM will wait before automatically setting an agent to Not Ready for a RONA event.
  • CVP "RNA Timeout for Outbound Calls" - This is the amount of time CVP will wait before taking back a call for a RONA event.
  • Call Manager "No Answer Ring Duration"(on the line) and "Forward No Answer Timer" (Service Parameter) - This is the amount of time CUCM will wait before forwarding to a "Foward No Answer Internal" or "Forward No Answer External" destination.

You will need to make sure that all three of these settings work well together. The Agent Desk Setting needs to be shorter than the CVP setting, so that Agents are automatically set to Not Ready before the call re-queues. Otherwise, a RONA call could be sent to the same agent multiple times. The CVP setting needs to be shorter than the Call Manager setting, so that CVP can take the call back before CUCM attempts to forward the call to another phone or voicemail. Say for example that your target RONA timer was 14 seconds... I would set the Agent Desk Setting to 12 seconds, the CVP RNA timeout to 14 seconds, and the CUCM timer to at least 16 seconds.


On your questions:

  1. You would actually use pattern "1908572>", not "1908572<" for numbers starting with 1908572. This pattern should match the number that CVP is sending to CUCM to reach an agent, not the number that the caller is dialing. If there is not a pattern for your agent ACD lines, you would have to define separate dialed number patterns for each agent.
  2. In this case, "Outbound Calls" refers to calls outbound from CVP, directed to CUCM. In other words, these are call center calls inbound to Agents.


New Member

Hi James, We are facing below

Hi James, 

We are facing below issue "The Agent Desk Setting needs to be shorter than the CVP setting, so that Agents are automatically set to Not Ready before the call re-queues. Otherwise, a RONA call could be sent to the same agent multiple times.". Please find our set up below:

UCCE 8.0.3

CVP 8.0.1

Agent Desk settings RONA 11

RONA setted on CVP : 12

RONA settted on CUCM : NA(left blank)

No of agent available on tht SG : only 1

Name of the skill group : Skill Group

Senario 1: We made a test call and the Agent have not attended the call, so call went it RONA. The Agent state has been changed to Not Ready but in Next seconds itself the state has been changed to Ready and call is getting requeued.

Observation on ICM; we don't see RONA on Event Detail table, but in CUIC Agent historical fields has RONA counted as 1.

Senario 2; We have requeued the same agent to different skill group without changing any other settings. This time the call went to RONA and the agent went to Not Ready state as expected.


Any reason why the Agent getting same call again even in RONA, also why its not happening for other Skil group. Is thr any Skill group level issue presists here?


Pls help












Hello HariThe Agent will put

Hello Hari

The Agent will put to "Not Ready" after missing two subsequent calls. So, depending on your call flow in Scenario 1, it is possible that agent gets 2 calls before putting in not ready.


Didn't quite understand what you want to see in Event Detail table regarding RONA.


Thank you



New Member

Agent received the calls more

Agent received the calls more than 4 times by making himself ready automatically after rona happens.

Im trying to explain in Event table that, when i check the reason code tis not reflecting as rona for tht call and for thth agent

1 second (12 for CVP minus 11

1 second (12 for CVP minus 11 for UCCE) is not enough. I believe Cisco recommends the Agent Desk Settings timer be 2 seconds shorter than the CVP timer. Please try changing the ADS timer to 10 seconds, and it should put the agent to Not Ready on the first failure to answer.


New Member

Thanks for you reply James, i

Thanks for you reply James, i will go head and make the changes. As its in Prod we need some time to do it, will  update you.

Just getting a doubt in meanwhile,

  1. If CVP has 12 and ICM 11, this should happen to all the agents who are configured to tht ADS right? But in our case we have noticed for few no of agents this is happening.
  2. Also while testing in Prod, am the only agent who logged in. And got back to back call in RONA. So when on business hours if more than 1 Agent is ready the call is gng to the other agent in RONA. am i correct? If yes the point above should be happening in any Skill group if only 1 agent is Ready and RONA happens.



I understand your doubts. A

I understand your doubts. A lot depends on timing. What is happening here - as evidenced by you not seeing RONA Not Ready in a situation that ought to produce it - is that UCCE is not able to push the agent into a Not Ready state fast enough before the call requeues. The 2 second difference should correct this. If you have especially high latency (or perhaps poor QoS) between your agents and your UCCE or CUCM servers, or between UCCE, CVP, and CUCM servers, then you can expand this to something more than a 2 second difference.


New Member

Thanks so much for you

Thanks so much for you patience in helping this James. I will change and update you the status.

Thanks again

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