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RNA timer doesn't work

Customer has requirement to set longer ring time for some of agents, as on CCM, maximum CFNA is 300 seconds, so I adjusted RNA timer on the "select resource" node to 295 seconds. However when call reaches agent's phone, after roughly 100~135 seconds, CAD automatially goes from 'reserved' back to 'ready', and loses track for the phone. (The phone still rings), the "oldest call in queue" on CSD still shows 1 call in queue, however the waiting time is back to '0'. The RNA timer never kicks in.

It seems there is another timer taking control, what can it be?

We use IPCCX 4.04, CCM 4.13.



Re: RNA timer doesn't work

When a user calls a phone where CFNA and RNA is set, the phone rings, by default, for 12 seconds. If the call is answered within the 12 seconds, and the agent softphone does not change states from Ready to Not Ready on the desktop application, this indicates that the RNA value in the agent desktop settings is greater than the value on the CallManager


Apply Hotfix hf25 for ICM release 4.6.1 abd Try BUG ID -

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Re: RNA timer doesn't work

This is in IPCCX. I opened case with TAC, and the engineer reproduced the problem in lab, and escalated to developer.

If you set up RNA timer large enough, over 150 seconds, and let phone ring long enough, you could get this result: CAD loses track of phone ativities, and 'call-in-queue' will increase by 1, and never clean up unless CRS engine restarts.


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