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rolling over in CVP SRV or local server group configuration

Hello, all. I have a question about rolling over by SRV usage in CVP implementation.  I have configured local server group in CVP 8.0 (no SIP proxy, static route, 2 vxml gateways) for vxml gateways and call managers. After I bring down the active vxml gateway by 'reload' the vxml gateway I made a new call and it won't get through. It will not pick the next element in the server group for that vxml gateway host. i read in document that only '503 rejection' can result in a roll over so I want to know how 503 happens, how i simulate that?. I only gets a '404 not found reject' by reload the voice gateway. I'm also wondering if this is the restriction for both local SRV and DNS SRV. Is there any other way i can do fail over if I couldn't use server group?

My other question is that while testing the priority and weight I found out my call server always picks the one with higher priority value. I thought if I set the priority to 1 for one server the other is 2  then it'll always pick up the one with priority 1. My result shows exact opposite. I wonder why. I wanted to know if there's any specific port the CVP call server is using for detecting if the end point is alive or not. I almost felt that the CVP server did try the priority 1 server but always think it's not reachable so it goes to the higher value one.  Does anyone know if there's any port needs to be open on firewall (we have firewall in between gateway and CVP), or is there anything needs to be configured on gateway to send back response?



rolling over in CVP SRV or local server group configuration

You might want to post a few screenshots of the configuraiton of your Dialed Number Plan entry and SIP Server Group settings for the VRU label you're using (so for the pattern going to the VXML Gateways), this should work just fine with CVP 8.X. What you're explaining here is the whole reason we implemented SIP Server Groups essentially.

The Call Server is supposed to send regular SIP OPTIONS PINGs to each VXML Gateway regularly and essentially probe them to ensure that each is up and running.



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