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Route calls based on source number

Hello Guys,

I have the following scenario that i want to reproduce on UCCX 8.5 . 3 remote sites: site1, site2, site3. I want to route the calls based on the site who is origintating the call to a queue on that specific site. So UCCX should undertand and be able to understnad that the call is being originated from site1 and route the call to the queue on site1. If the call is being originated from site2 the call will be routed to site2's queue.

What do you think about that? Is it possible?

And do you guys can give me a clue about it?



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Route calls based on source number

You can get the calling number with the Get Calling Contact Info step and parse it for whatever part of the extension identifies site one vs. site two. For example, if site one is 4XXX and site two is 5XXX then you could do:

((callingNumber.length() == 4) && (callingNumber.startsWith("4")))

Alternatively, you could create per-site triggers on CCX and leave it up to CUCM translation patterns in site-specific partitions to route the call to the appropriate trigger. For example, if 4000 is the published number you could have 4000 in site1_pt and site2_pt. The pattern in each partition would translate to a different trigger number.

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