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Route Point Display on Phone/CAD UCCX 7.0

I have 4 different Route Points that ring into a CSQ and the agents want to be able to either look at the phone (preferred) or CAD and see a name instead of "Route Point 1234" Is it possible to do this? TIA

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Re: Route Point Display on Phone/CAD UCCX 7.0

You can do one of two things. 1)Use 1 of 10 ICM Call Variables in a Desktop workflow from the Cisco Desktop Administrator to populate a name based on the incoming route point and SET that in the Set Enterprise Call Info step in the script or; 2) Update the route point's Call Forward and Pickup Settings Display field with the name. I have not had #2 work for me yet so I stick to the CAD variable popping to the desktop. works fine for me. Please refer to the scripting and desktop admin guides for more information.

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Re: Route Point Display on Phone/CAD UCCX 7.0

#2 will not work as the agent is called by the CTI port. With that said you can create 4 separate unifed CM call control groups and assign them to the appropriate trigger.In each of the call control groups you then put what you want to see on the phone in the display field under call forward and pickup settings.

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