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New Member

Router 2801 configuration for IPCC


i configured my ipcc express to answer on ext 9003,

but i don't know how to configure my voige gateway dial-peer to forward all the incoming calls to the 9003 IPCC.

Anybody have an idea?

My voice gateway is a cisco 2801 and comunicate with callmanager with MGCP protocol..

Thanks everybody in advance


Re: Router 2801 configuration for IPCC

You can set up this in the CallManager Administration, in the gatway configuration. You can set up the gateway for get '0' digits and prefix with 9003. In this way, all the calls from the dial-peer in the gateway are translated to 9003.

You can use a second way that is get all the digits from the gateway and create a translation-pattern to change the number of the E1, if you have an E1 in you router, and translate it in the translation pattern to 9003.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

New Member

Re: Router 2801 configuration for IPCC


If you have configured MGCP in your gateway, you may have the following scenario:

Either using an E1 interface or FXO ports, you may route all the incomming calls to 9003 modifying the field: Attendant DN* = 9003

Is your GW(2801) connected to the PSTN??

Hope it would be useful.Let us know.



Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: Router 2801 configuration for IPCC

The easist way is to accomplish the routing on CCM.

Assuming your GW is already configured for PSTN connection and you can dial your phones, I am alsom assuming that the 9003 is a NOT a valid DID.

Simply create a Translation Pattern on CCM to translate some valid DID into 9003, make sure that the CSS applied to this TP has access to the CTI RP 9003 Partition.

So, now by dialing the valid DID number you can reach the script.


New Member

Re: Router 2801 configuration for IPCC

Thanks so much for your response,

i solved the problem using a translational pattern on the callmanager.

Thank everybody.

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