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Routing calls based on Competency

Routing calls based on competency

Hello all, from what I am reading this is not possible so please correct me if I?m wrong because I would like to do this. We are running UCCX 4.5 integrated with CM 5.1. I will simplify the explanation to get to the point.

-We have a large number of agents that are divided by departments

-Each grouping of agents primarily serves their own department we used skills to break of departments. Example skill_1, skill_2, and skill_3

-If calls for a given department are queued for more then 2 minutes they would like the people in queue to be presented to ?all other? agents outside the primary skillset, lets call this skill ?overflow?

-The kicker is that they have several departments that are similar from a support perspective and would like to have the overflow CSQ route the calls to the next highest skill from where the call originated.

Example: A call comes in for Skill_1 and waits for 2 min?s, it is then presented to a second CSQ call overflow in which all agents have this skill associated to them. Agents with Skill_3 closely resembles agents with Skill_1 therefore if that call started in Skill_1 and went to overflow they what agents with Skill_3 to get the calls before agents with Skill_2.

-The above explanation is how it works today in Symposium, they do this by having a million different overflow CSQ?s and adding agents to these overflow CSQ?s at varying Competency levels, it?s a management nightmare

What I was wondering, is Do I have to do the same thing? I was hoping I could somehow actually use skill competency levels to achieve the same thing.

Example ? A call comes in for Skill_1, the call is only presented to agents with Competency level of 10 for 2 min?s, and if nobody becomes available the min competency level for those in Queue is lowered to 1 which should widen the queue to agents with lower competency levels.

Is this possible?

Thanks Ryan


Re: Routing calls based on Competency


You can do this, but perhaps not as elegantly as you are hoping. The thing is, you can only put someone into either a CSQ or use direct agent queuing. We can't just go and say, edit the required skill level for a CSQ in the middle of a script, but, what we could do is in your example is build another CSQ.

Let's say the normal CSQ is called skillTen_CSQ. Ok, now you queue it there and its running through your queuing logic. If after two minutes (which you could account for by using simple counters to add up cycles through the queue, ie you have 30 seconds of hold music per run through the queuing logic, have a counter that goes to 4) no one answers, within the same queue logic, you would add another select resource step pointing to a different CSQ, let's say skillOne_CSQ.

At this point, the call is queued to both CSQ's, and wherever an agent becomes available first will get the call. The problem though is that you're always going to have to point to another CSQ. You can certainly tweak the requirements of the new CSQ's re: skill levels and possible combinations thereof when you are manually building them, but you're not going to be able to edit those requirements from within scripting logic.

Hope this helps,


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