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Routing inbound call to voicemail

Hopefully it's a simple issue that I'm having but when our system was setup by an outside company they created the default IVR to route a call to someone's extension and then if they're busy it dials their personal extension before it leaves a voicemail (the UCCX and agent extension are setup in Cisco Unity).  So to hopefully better explain that scenario a call comes in and says "if you know your parties extension dial it now", they dial 1111 for John Doe but John Doe is busy talking on his UCCX extension, the caller gets a prompt that says "press 1 to leave a voicemail" it then routes to John Doe's personal extension which we'll say is 1112 and then it rings twice before going into John Doe's voicemail.

Because UCCX does not accept a * we have 99 setup as the translation pattern (or transformation pattern, whichever it is).  So what I'd like is to have something that shows set ext_toCall = var_AgentVoicemail and then in the var_AgentVoicemail properties it would be something like 99(AgentExtension) to go straight to voicemail.  Right now in the IVR ext_toCall and var_AgentVoicemail both have a value of ""

I hope that makes sense.  The objective is I don't want it to actually ring the agent's private extension before it goes to voicemail, if a caller wants to leave a voicemail I want it to go directly to the agents voicemail.  Below is what the full script looks like

Select Resource (--Triggering Contact--, user_ResourceID)




          Menu (Triggering Contact--, p_AbrMenu)

               1 - Voicemail

                    Dequeue (--Triggering Contact--from--AllCSQS--)

                    Set Contact Info (--Triggering Contact--,handled

                    Set ext_toCall=var_AgentVoicemail  <----------I BELIEVE HERE IS THE PROBLEM (both ext_toCall and var_AgentVoicemail have a value of "")

                    Goto Redirect_Call

               2. - Timeout

                    Dequeue (--Triggering Contact--from--All CSQs--)

                    Goto PRE_FACILITY_QUEUE

               3. Unsuccessful

                    Goto AGENT_QUEUE_VM_MENU

**Also just to throw this out there I tried "Set ext_toCall="99" + var_AgentVoicemail and that didn't seem to do anything.  Any ideas?

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Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

Nobody??  I would have thought this would be a standard setup for most people.

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Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

We don't have a setup like this, but did you try running a Reactive Script, so that you can step through the call flow, and see what is happening?  Can you post a full copy of the script?  Are you using Unity for VM?  If so, the call viewer can be helpful once you have the call being transferred to Unity to make sure it is being handled properly on that end.

Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

first of all when the caller input the extesions want to call lets 1111

the must be a get digit string step

and set the variable there as AgentVoicemail

now after caller put the number the AgentVoicemail   valu will be "1111"

then you can play with it add digits remove digits whaeve

hope this helps

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Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

Thanks for the reply and I'm using that very step for some of the shared voicemails but I don't want do that for over 200 agents.  Unless I'm not understanding what you're saying correctly.  I think maybe there's still some confusion as to what I'm asking.

If I'm a caller and I receive a message that says "if you know your parties extension please enter it now" and I put in "1112" for the agent of my choice, if that agent is busy I want it to go directly to voicemail.  Right now agent 1112 would receive a call on their private extension before it actually goes to voicemail.  I think that's the part that gets confusing.  Every agent has 2 extensions, one is their private DID extension for instance 2222, the other is their UCCX extension which let's say is 1112.  Right now when I dial 1112 and the agent is busy it will go to 2222, ring twice and then leave a message on that extension.  The reason for this apparently is because the 1112 number being a UCCX extension cannot have voicemail tied to it so it needs to go somewhere else.  So in Cisco Unity it's setup so the 2222 (private extension) is setup as a voicemail and the 1112 number is setup as an alternate extension.

It's really quite ridiculous now that I'm typing it out and I don't know why they set it up that way.  So to make this as basic as possible when I dial 1112 and the agent is busy I want it to go to the agents voicemail directly.  How do I do that for 200 agents?

Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

you mentioned that the agent's extension configured as an alternate extension to the privatenumber of the agent

1112 alternate to 2222 VM

have you tried to send the call to VM when the agent number busy to VM

i mean in the 1112 DN setting selct the required VM profile and in the internal/external busy check the check box to send the call to VM

in this way the call will go to 2222 VM when it reaches the VM

this is best way i think becuase you have 200 DN

good luck

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Re: Routing inbound call to voicemail

Since you already have the 99 cti route point created to send calls directy to VM simply utilize that, so here is what you do:

cti route point of 99XXXX is set to forward to VM, and has VM profile applied with XXXX mask on it

In UCCX script after you collect the digits from customer, using redirect or better yet consult transfer step you send the call to that extension

If the calls fails in the consult transfer step then you set the varable to "99" + orignally collected digits and perform another redirect.

Should be all you need.


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