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Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

Dear all,

When I write or modify a application on CVP studio, then I deploy it to CVP VXML server. The problem is that i need to remote desktop to CVP XML server to run the updateapp.bat.

Are there any way that I can run this file from outsite. Because I have a customer with a CVP studio also, this customer use the same our CVP VXML server.

I don't want to permit them to remote desktop to my CVP.

This is the code of this batch file:

@echo off

REM Copyright (c) 1999-2007 Cisco Systems, Inc

REM All rights reserved


for /f "delims=" %%j in ('cd') do set currDir=%%j

%CVP_HOME%\jre\bin\java -classpath "..\..\..\admin\admin.jar;..\..\..\lib\framework.jar" com.audium.client.admin.AppUpdate "%currDir%" %1 %2


if not {%1} == {noconfirm} pause

Can i modify on it and run it from outsite?


Re: Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

This question was asked on the old Audium Forum a number of times and the answer was always no.

With the invention of the Ops Console in CVP 4.0, it should have been easier for Cisco to enable this behaviour, since the Ops Console has an "agent" on the box. But although you can use the Ops Console to transfer scripts, I am pretty sure you still have to call update.bat.

Something has to tell the Tomcat server to re-read those XML files.



Re: Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

Well, in theory, since you already have a web server running on the box, you could set up a PHP page or ASP which runs that bat file. Although, I'm not sure how the permissions would all work and how exactly it would behave, but it might be possible. Ask your web developers if they have any ideas.


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Re: Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

Thank you for your reply.

Can I do this way, develop a small java socket program: one server socket on server and one client for customer.

client must log in and the server will base on username/password and choose a updateapp.bat file with the right application folder. Server will run the batch file and return any prompt from DOS to client. And client can interactive (like press y) or see what is the error from server.

If you have a couple of program like this please share me an idea.

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Re: Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

Is the goal to deploy a new version of the app and activate it?

If so, CVP Ops console will do that automatically when the application is updated.

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Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

In addition to patrick reply..

You can use Jconsole to release, update CVP application and check status remotely.

Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite


Can you provide more detail on what you're talking about.  I would love to see this work.

Thank you!

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Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite


To use jconsole go to you java_home\bin run jconsole.exe choose remote process redio button.

Fill the value in textbox hostname or ip address of your CVP server and port(9696) like (localhost:9696) and press button connect, you will be connected(Username and password not required).

There you will get some option, goto in MBean>cisco vxml server>voice application and use whatever option you want.

Also wait for some time after pressing status or update button, it will take some time to show you result.


Run CVP updateapp.bat from outsite

I finally got around to testing this and it's a huge time saver, thank you very much!


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