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run special script for abandon calls

Sample: If the call has been stopped at the initiative of the client after 40 seconds of stay of a call in system (that is the client looked forward to hearing more than 40 seconds, and has hanged up, without having waited)We can call any IVR/ICM the Script?


Re: run special script for abandon calls

I'm not sure I understand, you want to run a separate scripts if the call hangs up? If so, then no, this is not possible.


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Re: run special script for abandon calls

I'm with David on the first part: Your question is difficult to understand. I'll take a couple guesses at the answer you might be looking for. Please clarify if you still need help.

1) It IS possible to run further/additional scripts if a caller hangs up but this requires a good understanding of the scripting engine. You can use exception handling to recover from the caller abandoning and then move to another point in the script or call another script entirely. If you called another application and accompanying script (instead of calling a script as a sub flow) you would need to use a session to move useful variable data to the other application. Again, this is possible but you need to know CCX well before attempting this, in my opinion.

2) You could use the Get Reporting Statistic step to retrieve the estimated wait time for the CSQ prior to the caller abandoning. This would allow you to offer them other options. An example would be "If the estimated wait time is more than one minute, offer them an option to leave a voice mail." The estimated wait time statistic has some caveats though so I would recommend reading the documentation on it carefully first.

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Re: run special script for abandon calls

Does it mean i have to use the Session objects to check the abandon calls ??

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Re: run special script for abandon calls

Yes, It is true.


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