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New Member

Running a custom report under Cisco Client fails - UCCX 8.5(1)

I've created a new user-defined  function under the uccxhruser and made sure that uccxHrUserRole has  execute permission.  The new user-defined function is actually just a  copy of an existing function that one of the cisco historical reports  uses. I simply changed the function name within the spl code.  I get a  "Routine cannot be resolve" error when trying to run the new report  under Cisco Client which calls the new function.  I did some tests with  the new function by calling the function from an SQL client (AGS server  studio) and also directly from Crystal Reports.  Both tests passed and  were able to run the new function and return data.  I just can't get it to run under the  Cisco client.  It seems to be a permission issue with the cisco client  but I've verified that uccxHrUserRole has execute permission for this  function.

A few things I've noticed but don't know if they are relevant:

Pre-existing functions and stored procedures are under "informix" schema.  I see that these functions were granted 'uccxHrUserRole execution permission by user "informix".

For the new function that I created, it was created under the "uccxhruser" and granted 'uccxHrUserRole' execuation permission by user 'uccxhruser'.

Also, from what I can tell, we are only on one server with no failover servers in existance.

Other Information:

Cisco UCCX 8.5(1.10)

Informix 11.x

Thanks in advance for any insight that can be provided.

- Tod

New Member

Running a custom report under Cisco Client fails - UCCX 8.5(1)

Some info from the log file:

28 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-7-UNK:resultSQL call sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom ('$StartDate', '$EndDate', $intlen, $SortBy, '$ResourceGroup', '$AgentName', '$SkillName', '$TeamName', '$ReasonCode' )

98: 8/10/2012 9:53:28 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-7-UNK:DB Layer Current Query=call sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom ('2012-08-09 7:00:00', '2012-08-10 7:00:00', 0, 0, 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', '1,2,3,4,5,6,7' )

99: 8/10/2012 9:53:28 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-7-UNK:main form paint called

100: 8/10/2012 9:53:30 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:The following SQL Command failed due to (EIX000: (-674) Routine (sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom) can not be resolved. )SQL Command=[call sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom ('2012-08-09 7:00:00', '2012-08-10 7:00:00', 0, 0, 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', '1,2,3,4,5,6,7' )]

101: 8/10/2012 9:53:30 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:TraceDBError #1:(ADO Error# -2147217900|Description EIX000: (-674) Routine (sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom) can not be resolved. |Source Ifxoledbc|SQLState |NativeError -674)

102: 8/10/2012 9:53:30 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:SQL Command Failed | Could not obtain information from database: Check the log file for error 5048.

103: 8/10/2012 9:53:36 AM %CHC-LOG_SUBFAC-3-UNK:Failed to run Interpreted SQL Command(call sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom ('2012-08-09 7:00:00', '2012-08-10 7:00:00', 0, 0, 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', 'NULL', '1,2,3,4,5,6,7' ))

Super Bronze

Running a custom report under Cisco Client fails - UCCX 8.5(1)

Hi Tod

You sound a little vague in your system knowledge - whether you have HA or not is important, as the report may execute on the 'other' server and you may not have loaded the new function there?

You can check this through the admin interface, check the system/servers menu and see how many are listed.

While you are there, click help/about to see the system version - I think you have referred to the version of the HRC client in your post rather than the system.

The appearance of your function under 'uccxhruser' rather than informix is normal.

Finally, make sure the XML file definition matches the SQL SP exactly - if the name of the SP is incorrect, it obviously won't work, but also make sure the list of parameters is correct.

Perhaps post back a copy/paste of the command you use in AGS to run the SP that works for comparison?


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New Member

Running a custom report under Cisco Client fails - UCCX 8.5(1)

Thanks Aaron.  Our system administrator is checking on system information for me.

This is the command I ran in AGS.  It's also the same command I test in Crystal (bypassing Cisco client).

call sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_custom ('2012-08-09 18:30:00', '2012-08-10 18:30:00', 0, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL )

This function is just a copy of sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_interval, with the only change to the function name.  It's a user-defined function and not a stored procedure.  I've also verified that my XML is correct.  That too is simply a copy of the XML file for the Agent Not Ready Reason Code report with modifications to the title and sql call.