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SalesForce Integration - Need UCCX ?


I am bit confused here. I know you can accomplish srceen pop-up based on ANI using CAD and http triggers and that you need Premium license as HTTP commands are not possible in CAD with Enhanced licenses, right ? However, here is the situation:

What if the only requirements are:

-1) Being able to click-2-call from salesforce

-2) WHen a customer calls in open up their salesforce account ?

     Call comes in from an Autto attendant that rings 10 phones at the same time.. ("agents")

I've been taking a look at "Cisco Unified CallConnector for" and it is not quite clear if UCCX is mandatory. To tell you the truth I don't need to do any IVRs, ACD groups or anything like that. The customer only wants a basic salesforce integration to start with...

In case of UCCX being mandatory why would I use it and what kind of license would I need ?




SalesForce Integration - Need UCCX ?

I can't speak for the UCCX piece, but I can tell you that click to call doesn't work well with CAD and a Cisco Phone.  This was with UCCE and CAD by the way.


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For any custom 3rd party

For any custom 3rd party Salesforce (SFDC) integration requirements please reply.

Insert data into SFDC ( Salesforce) based on data entered by caller in Cisco CVP IVR / UCCX IP IVR
Incomming Caller Details popup in SFDC Screen
Display incomming caller data from SFDC in Cisco Agent Finesse Screen
Initiate outbound call ( Click 2 Dial) from SFDC Screen
Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Activity
Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Case


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