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Schedule Biweekly meeting in UCCX



I have received request  to find out if it is possible to close the queue every two weeks on a Wednesday at 2pm.


I don't think it is possible without creating something similar to holiday check where I have to create an xml file and put every date on it.


Is it possible?




This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting question... My Question is: Does the Week of the Meeting Fall on an Odd or Even Week of the Year? If it's the same every time (which it should be unless they aren't consistent) you could check for that

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

int weekOfYear = cal.get(cal.WEEK_OF_YEAR);

Once you have that just check whether it is even or odd:

IF weekOfYear % 2 == 0 && dayOfWeek is WEDNESDAY && Time is after 1400

Then you are closed...

Let me know if my Logic will work..

New Member

Hey Sam!You seem to know your


Although Sam's answer is

Although Sam's answer is absolutely correct, I would not "hardcode" this into the script itself (and even if I were forced to do that, I would leave a "manual override" option). The reason is simple: I have not seen a single organisation functioning like a clockwork. "Bi-weekly" is way too loose in my opinion.

What I would do instead: write an application, sitting on the top of a database, interfacing the UCCX server. When the script asks this application: "hey, is there a meeting?", this application of ours would response with a yes or no. The key is that the user would be able to manage the date and time when the meeting takes place. For instance, using a simple web interface (I don't really want to get carried away, but we can even think about integrating, perhaps, Exchange with this app). 


New Member

Hey Gregely!You seem to know

Hey Gergely!

You seem to know your stuff!

I have a request for a supervisor to be able to "turn off" the call center a day before a meeting, lets say their meeting is for 3hours.


what would be the best way to implement something that the user can just set this somewhere a day in advance?


please advise!



Hi,you have several options:1


you have several options:

1. if you have access to the UCCX web admin page, then you can implement a boolean variable in your script and mark it as a parameter. This allows you to enable or disable anything without actually overwriting the script. This is the easiest and requires no time to set it up.

2. if you do not have or do not want to give access to the UCCX web admin page, then you can use the XML (XPath) parsing function of UCCX. You can set up a Grails application perhaps that responds with a "yes" or "no" encapsulated in an XML object. It's easy but requires some programming skills.

3. if you happen to have UCCX Premium and have a supported database (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM DB2) then you can have database "dips".


My personal choice would be 2.


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