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Script access on CRS 5.0

Hi Experts,

Is there a way where a script can be created so that I can give the department supervisor access to change the "Time of Day" as per their requirement?

Normally the script runs from 8AM to 5PM and there are days when the department needs the time to be extended way past 5PM without having me to change it.

Secondly, I would like to know if the CRS script is changed during prduction hours, how will this impacts the phone agents??

Thanks in advance, Will rate helpful posts.


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Re: Script access on CRS 5.0

Few solutions here:

1. instead of using the hour of day step in the script you can use an XML file or databse that would define the hours of operation, then you can develop a front end gui i.e. web page that would allow user to change that.

2. You can add a check to see if the center is running in extended hours, the extended hours could be set using another script which would toggle it on/off in an xml file. You could create a route point that points to this script and allow the manager to authenticate and toggle the state.

Changing scripts during production does not impact agents in any way. You need to be sure though that the modified script is error free as buggy script can cause error message to the callers.



Re: Script access on CRS 5.0

Thanks very much Chris. I will try this.

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Re: Script access on CRS 5.0

Don't base your hours on 'Time of Day'. Base it on if agent's are logging or ready which every you want.

Use the get Reporting statistic

Report Object: "CSQ IPCC Express"

Field: "Logged-In Resources"

Row Identifier: "CSQ Name"

Results Statistic" "int value"

Then use a if statement, if int value is > then 0

Re: Script access on CRS 5.0

Thanks for the info Ryan. I will definitely try this one out.

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