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Script Change on Weekly basis

Hi, we have two ipccx ver 5 servers at 2 locations running 2 scripts. The incoming call is routed by a Master script running on one of these servers. The agents work on two shifts (day/night) at these 2 locations. But @ every sunday this should change - such as who was doing day -the previous week should do night for this week. Daily change of shift is not a problem, but the issue is changing o n a weekly basis. As far as i know we have time of Day (TOD) and day of week (DOW) - Any soln for this?

Thanx in advance...




Re: Script Change on Weekly basis

can you please put more details about your call flowsetup and

how the call routed to the agent during diffrent times

i am nt sure if  understand your exact requirments

from my understanding you need a way to enable/disable the script manully for example

this week you enable script 1 during day time

and next week you enable it night time ?

also are those two shifts answeing the same calle dnumber and same script ?

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Re: Script Change on Weekly basis

Thanx marwan ..

But by now we were able to reach a solution for that.

It is actually we have different range of trigger numbers - for these two locations. And what we need is according to the timings the master script should tirgger the number of the place on shift. 

What we did is, we enabled an automated logic - based on the week (using .woy) and capturing the sys date to forward the call to the agent.

Actually this is a C++ program which was modified for our requirement in the form of ipccx script. And it is working.!!  Tats the best of it...

Thanx for taking interest.



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