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Script,Place call

Hi,when i use the place the call step in the script editor,and the collected string matches an internal number,the place call step rings the destination but as soon as i answer the call,the call does not get really connected and  the reactive debug shows that the call goes to the end and i hear an auto generated error message.

lets say phone 2001 call to uccx and then he dialed the extension 2002,the place call step sends the call to 2002,but i see on the phone screens From CTI port 1700 and on the other phone to CTI port 1701,i don't see from 2001 to 2002.

If i use the call redirect step,then i see from 2001 to 2002 and the call works normally.I just can't use the call redirect cause there is no (no answer option) under it .So  if the called number didn't answer within 10 sec ,with the call redirect i can't take an action but with the place the call step,i can.

Help will be so appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Script,Place call

This is expected behaviour, how about using consult transfer step instead?

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Re: Script,Place call

As always excpected,you are very helpful.

Thanks consult transfer works,but i have two questions:

1-why did the call fail when i use the place call step ?

2- In the consult transfer step,what are the "output digits" field for?

i used a string variable just to fill the fields,but i didn't see any digits in it when i used the  debug !

Thanks in advance.

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