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Script - Select Resource Doubt

someone can tell me if the Select Resource can add 2 strings in order to route the call to the correct destination
I have the Assistance department for various regions, but each region has its specific queue, (csqLondonAssistance, csqBrazilAssistance)

The goal is, after identifying the call and enter a label and go to:
And :


Select Resource (--Triggering Contact--  from c
sqRegion + Assist)

Name: strAssist | Type: String | Value: Assist

Thus, the connection would be routed to the queue csqNordesteAssist.
Someone can tell me if this works
The spaces between the 2 strings influences? I configured so but the link is being sent to other queues Assistance.

Even in Historical Reports, the report calls abandoned, information appears to other agents that do not have any bond with the queues

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Re: Script - Select Resource Doubt

Sure this works just fine. It's just instructing the script to concatinate the values of those two String variables.

I'm not sure that I follow what you are saying about calls showing abandoned.

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Re: Script - Select Resource Doubt

Hi Jonathan, thx for anwser,

In Abandoned Call Detail Activity Report,


Appear various Called Number and all this numbers is configured as mentioned in the first post, some calls go to csqNordesteAssist, and others go csqSudesteAdmin.

The problem is there, the agent Cristiane Mota has no skill to answer calls from any of these queues.

So I thought that the problem could be in the script, or worse .... may be a bug. Lets go to Bug Toolkit

The IPCC is Old too.... ver 4.0(5)

Looking at NetPro, problems Nearest I found similar to mine,

Post 1

Post 2

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Re: Script - Select Resource Doubt

I am not personally aware of a bug but that doesn't mean one isn't present in that version. Do not move past 4.0(5) in the 4.x train or you will break your upgrade path into 5.0 and higher. You should begin planning an upgrade anyways.

Can you actually get to this agent when trying it? Does the agent actually get those calls (the CSQ should appear in the call activity pane of CAD)? This may be a reporting error and not an ICD subsystem error. If this agent is actually getting calls in a CSQ they are not skilled in, your best bet would be to open a TAC case. I would re-check every skill assigned to those CSQs first to make absolutely sure someone didn't add the agent by mistake. Also make sure the CSQ is using skills and not the legacy resource group.

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