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Scripting assist question

Good day,

I need to, quickly, have calls that now route offsite when we are closed, go to a csq group. that i have done. my question is when all csq_non_bi agents are logged off i need to send off site.

Could someone discribe to process for getting this to happen.

much appreciated

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Re: Scripting assist question

Use the Get Reporting Statistic step to find out how many agents are logged on for a specific CSQ. Then use an If step based on the integer returned from get reporting statistic.

Get Reporting Statistic

If agentsLoggedOn < 1


----Call Redirect


----Select Resource of script...

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Re: Scripting assist question


VERY much apprciated. forgive my ? but i am assuming redirect would be set=offsite #??and is the false step needed??

thanks again.

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Re: Scripting assist question

You can redirect to anywhere. In this case, yes it would be the offsite number. Don't forget your PSTN and Toll access codes (typically 91) in the US.

No it is not needed. The false branch will be created automatically but you don't have to put anything there. When left blank it will proceed to the next step following the IF step. Best practice is to not leave a branch empty so you can see which choice was made during a debug. Typically I just add an annotation saying "debug placeholder" when I don't have anything else to put.

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Re: Scripting assist question


thanks again. if you have the time, yes i am going to ccx admin in march, to look at my script. i am trying to have two night menus..i just am not grasping how evenings it says to goto after hours and what gets that to the night menu. i need to have 815-5 with a menu to press 1 go to a csq, and another after 5 when 1 is pressed goes offsite, OR is it just easier to go the above route and do available agent 0 route offsite. last ?. if call hits que and no one answers, and no one else is avail. does that call just hang in que forever.thanks again your help has been appreciated.

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