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Scripting; Help needed

One of our customer hav CCM 5.1 and IPCC Exp 4.5.Calls for IPCC is coming from 8 toll free numbers.Now the requirement is they need 8 different IVR for the 8 toll free numbers.

I did an IVR script using menu option in CRS editor with queue status.Is there any way to modify the script according to customer requirement?.Any valuable suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Arun Thomas

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Re: Scripting; Help needed

Can you elaborate a litte more on the requirement?

You said 8 IVR for the 8 toll-free numbers?

Do you mean 8 different IVR flows?


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Re: Scripting; Help needed

Actually the Ipcc is getting calls frm 8 different toll free numbers routed through a voip line.The customer need 8 different welcome prompts for 8 toll free numbers.Is it possible to do it with a single script?If so wat all changes i need to do the current script.Hope u got the script attached to this.

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Re: Scripting; Help needed

You can certainly achive this with a single script. Configure seperate JTAPI Triggers for each DNIS number, all pointing to the same application, hence script. In the script add the following steps:

GET CALL CONTACT INFO (calledNumber set it to a string variable strDNIS for example)

then use the Switch step:


strDNIS == "5000" goto LogicA

strDNIS == "6000" goto LogicB



get the point?

So, basically this will allow you to build different logic based on the called number, if all you want to do is play difference prompts for example logicA and logicB, etc will set the prompt variable to a different value and then you can use the same logic to actually play the prompt as the prompt varaible was dynamically changed.



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Re: Scripting; Help needed

Thanks Chris.Actually i am not that much good in scripting but still i can do something thats all.And i am posting my updated script here.If u can explain a little bit more, it will b helpful for me.

Thnaks in advance


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Re: Scripting; Help needed

Please finnd the script here

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