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Scripting - Passing and Enterprise variable from script to script

Hello all,

We are using UCCX 7.0_SR5

I am looking to be able to pass a captured variable from one script to another.

We use a message in queue where a caller waiting in queue can choose to leave a message and then that message is queued back into the sytem for the next available agent. When that agent recieves the message in queue they basically call back out to the customer leaving the message.

We capture a variable in the first script when they decide to leave a message. The variable holds the call back number that they enter into the system. There is a second script that presents these message in queue calls to the agents. We would like to pass that variable that holds the number enterend by the customer to the second script so that that number appears on CAD in the enterprise data fields. The reason behind this is so the agent has a number to call back in the event they don't reach anyone when the system calls back out and the message left by the customer does not contain a call back number.

How can I pass that variable from one script to another so it can be presented in CAD for the agents?

Thanks for any help and let me know if you need any further information.


Scripting - Passing and Enterprise variable from script to scrip

You would use a "Get Call Contact Info" step to set your callerID variable, where the "Calling Number" attribute is set to your callerID variable.

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