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Selecting Prompts in IPCCX

I have similar prompts arranged in directories, so they can be played using the Prompt step by specifying:


P[dir2/prompt1] ...etc

However, I'd like to be able to define the directory prefix ("dir1", "dir2") as a variable and use this in the Prompt definition.

A simple string of the form "P[" + dir_prefix + "/prompt1]" doesn't work.

Is there a way to define a string which can be used to play a prompt?

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Re: Selecting Prompts in IPCCX

Try this

Set a Variable

X = "/Directory"

The in the Play promt try this

x + "P[prompt1]"

let us know if it helps


Re: Selecting Prompts in IPCCX

Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried this and it doesn't work, possibly because it's attempting to concatenate a string and a prompt?

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Re: Selecting Prompts in IPCCX

Try using the step creat Promt in the CRS script that wahy you are definign a promt raher than string.

I will psot the doc if i find it. But if you look in the scripting gude sure you will find that


Re: Selecting Prompts in IPCCX

The Create Conditional/Container/Generated/Language steps don't appears to do what I want, which is basically to create a string containing "P[dir1/prompt1]", and then use that string in the Play Prompt step.

The only other way I can see of achieving this is to use a variable and the Switch step to play the same prompt, but from each directory. However, I was hoping for a slightly more elegant script (i.e. one Play Prompt step rather than many using the Switch step), where the directory name can be substituted into the prompt.

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