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Send to vru issue


Would you please advise, as I have issue in ICM script as many calls abort in send to vru node, we have ICM as call centre and CVP as vru

If you please advise if you have cases like that, or documents telling in details how ICM communicates with CVP

Appreciate your usual support,


Mohamed Gheta


Re: Send to vru issue

I'm assuming your config is correct, and you are not referring to failures from the Send To VRU node (this occurs if your config is wrong) but really mean aborts.

How many exactly? With the script in monitor mode, what percentage are aborts in your "Send To VRU" node?

It is almost impossible to have zero aborts. You can make it happen - call the PSTN number and when it hits the gateway and starts the switch leg, hangup immediately so when the VRU label comes back to the gateway to start the VRU leg, and then bootstrap takes it back to ICM, the call has gone.

This causes and abort - try it in your system.

Now, I somehow think that there must be some other ways to cause the abort - because I see them too. But I don't know what happens to cause them.

At this particular customer who has branch offices in many different countries, the percentage of aborts in the Send To VRU node varies - some countries up to 5%, others as low as 0.3%. Customers are not complaining, even in the high percentage aborts branch office.

It's all a bit of a mystery and I would love to know more about these and what causes them. If any other CVP engineers have insight into these aborts, let us know.

As far as the documents, we all go by the Config Guide and the SRND - they are very detailed and describe the flow. But not what causes an abort in the Send To VRU.



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