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sending callers to Contact Center Queue from Unity Connections


Looking for the best way to send a caller to Contact Center when opting out from a voicemail greeting.  For example, I have an existing script containing a number of queues with one of them being an Operator Queue.  This is used for opt out to operator in existing Contact Center Prompts.  There are time when callers can enter the extension of the agent they wish to reach where if they do not answer, the call goes to their voicemail where they have an option to leave a message or press zero to speak to an operator.  If the caller chooses "0" then I want to send the caller directly into the Operator Queue.  I believe I need to create a separate script to send these calls to but then how do I transfer the call from that script to the existing?


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From your CED node, if the

From your CED node, if the caller presses 0, connect that branch to a Go To Script node. Within your Go To Script node, specify whatever the script name is. 

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Thank You Omar,However I do

Thank You Omar,

However I do not want to send the call to the beginning of the script but instead send the caller directly to the Operator CSQ in that script.  The script contains multiple CSQ's.   The goto explains send the caller to an existing script which I appreciate. 


Ahh I see, you're on Express,

Ahh I see, you're on Express, not Enterprise. There are plenty of Express gurus here that I'm sure can answer that for you.

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1. In Unity, in the "Caler

1. In Unity, in the "Caler Input" for option "0" you will need to select "Transfer to an Alternet Contact Number" Say "1000" - (choose your extension for your Dial Plan)

2. In UCCX create a script (or use a current script), Create a Trigger number of "1000"


Test, this will be what you need todo.

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