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New Member

Sending CLID from IPIVR5.0/CRS script


I am implementing an IVR script, which needs to call out and announce a prompt to the called party( I m using place call function).

Is it possible using IVR/CRS scripting to generate tie a CLID with the outgoing call.


taking any help of CCM confguration by any chance?

The CLID are recognised by Telco on their network.



Re: Sending CLID from IPIVR5.0/CRS script

The caller id will be whatever the external number mask is on the CTI port placing the call. Change the external number mask on the CTI Ports to your main number for example.

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Re: Sending CLID from IPIVR5.0/CRS script

Can I make use of CRs function “place call” parameters call control group, dialog group ids(which are tied to a JTAPI trigger,is it possible to dedicate/control CTI ports) in the following manner & then calling party Transformation mask.

1. Create different gp ID, dialogue group id, which are tied to the different JTAPI trigger. The JTAPI triggers are tied to same callout script. Each individual JTAPI trigger is associated with a different group of CTI ports on the CCM.

So in my script I use the nested IF:

IF var=1

place call (group ID1, Dialogue Group say 1) ---> use CTI ports day 1-10 on CCM

else IF var=2

place call(group ID1, Dialog Group say 1).---> use CTI ports 11-20 on CCM


Once I am able to control the CTI ports on the CCM for from different gpid/call control gp id/jtapi I can then make use of

CCM feature of “calling party transformation mask” to display/TAG the CLID.

(For this the CTI port e.g. 1-10 I can tie to CSS->Partition->route pattern(in the route pattern I then use “calling party transformation mask” to display/TAG the CLID).

Note: The CLID are DDI numbers and are recognized in the Telco cloud during callout.

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