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Seperate MED Across Same SG

I've run into a scenario where I've got a single skillgroup and would like to run an MED for two types of calls that eventually Q to that SG.

Is it possible to qualify the calls within the MED calculation such that a portion of call in a SG could have one MED, while another group of calls contain a separate MED?

As best I can tell it is not. ".RouterQcalls" and such appear to be global across the SG without regard to any sub or further qualifications...

This is with ICM 7.X and IVR

Cisco Employee

Re: Seperate MED Across Same SG

Can you be more specific? MED looks at the agent data and is ignorant of the call type so if you were to evaluate MED for two different call types using the same Skill Group metrics the resulting calculation would be the same. What exactly are you trying to do?

New Member

Re: Seperate MED Across Same SG

No, not two "call types" but two categories of calls. Physical calls.

Like let say two 800 numbers exist which eventually route to the same SG. Suppose one number used has priority over the other.

If I calculate an MED- one that uses a general "CallsQNow" for that SG, it wont be accurate because that priority call will always be answered first. Therefore a non priority caller might hear "Your wait time is 20 min", only to be left for 40 minutes because a priority call comes in.

I know I could count the calls in the script based on some field and thus do away with "CallsQnow", but I can't see a way to deal with the Handle time(That is, calculating that metric myself for each category of call)

Cisco Employee

Re: Seperate MED Across Same SG

Sorry for the delay but here goes:

You can't accurately do this. You can get a fairly accurate Expected Wait Time (EWT) or MED for a SG handling calls of the same priority but when you throw the higher priority calls into the same bucket your accuracy suffers. You can attempt to adjust for this by doing something like (EWT+300seconds) to build 5 minutes into the lower priority EWT estimate (or whatever length of time you find necessary). This may need to be adjusted to find the sweet spot based on your call volume but I don't see a better way to do it off hand.

Re: Seperate MED Across Same SG

EWT/MED works best with constant call volume and it's horrible if you're call flow happens in spurts (e.g. lunch hours and after work, etc.).  I deally don't provide this data or if you have to have something provide a range.  Less than 10 minutes, less than 15, etc.  Again, for this to be failrly accurate your call volume needs to be some what uniform.


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