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Service level calculation from Call Type Real Time Table

Just wanted to confirm the service level calculation based on the fields in the call type real timetable. When I look at

ctrt.ServiceLevelTo5 and ctrt.ServiceLevelHalf they essentially represent the service level based on how many calls got answered with service threshold.  So if threshild was 20 s and there were 10 calls in half hr interval and 6 got answered within 20s, the ServiceLevelHalf would be 60%.  Is that a correct assumption.

Also the 80/20 rule where you look at 80% of calls being answered within 20 s.  Is that rule built in the system calculation or is that something we just put in our query logic ?


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Re:Service level calculation from Call Type Real Time Table

let me share my personal understanding here, and i hope its correct/useful

80/20 is your query/logic. nothing in the system does it for you. you set the 20 on the call type and thats all the system knows. You then check the SL and make.sure.its above the 80

as for the calculation, there are multiple ways the system can automatically calculate the SL in, you need to define which method to use from configuration. The calculation may be as simple as you said (depending on answered only), but there are other calculations which include the abandoned as well (as positive or negative). it all depends on what you need, and how you configute it on the call type

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Service level calculation from Call Type Real Time Table

Thanks oabulaban .  I am also of the same opinion. I can tweak the logic in query or else raise the service threhshold in ICM.  Anybody else can confirm this ?


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