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Setting Enterprise Call Info Step Within An HTTP Triggered CRS Script

IPCC Enterprise 7.5(6)

CAD 7.5(6)

IPIVR 7.0(1)sr05_build504

We had a vendor develop some IVR & ICM scripts a few years back to take a website triggered request and pass along it’s value from the header, store it into Call Peripheral Variable 1 and place a call to a queue with agents (using CAD).  It then sets off a work flow group macro to populate this value (from PV1) into another application along with a repeating message to the agent that says they have a new request.  Since we recently upgraded our IVR to 7.0(1)sr05, I had to change the scripting some to make it work.  They were using a freaky way of getting the value into PV1 using a pre-connect application triggered from the initial application.  Anyway, their method would not work with the new version any longer so I needed to alter the scripts some.

The problem I’m having is that PV1 is being set after the Place Call step.  This actually needs to be set before it reaches an agent in order to pass the value into CAD.  Currently, I’ve been using some delay statements in the ICM script to give it time to get the value into PV1 but it’s not 100%.  I get sporadic results.

Current script in test.


I’m looking to see if anyone can tell me a way to setup the Set Enterprise Call Info step before the Place Call step?  Since this is HTTP triggered, I can’t use (Triggering Contact) and I haven’t been able to set a pseudo contact because debug tells me that the contact is null or because it’s not a call contact.


Re: Setting Enterprise Call Info Step Within An HTTP Triggered C

Hi Greg,

That is ok, in the other script where the queue is you need something like this:

So when you use the Set Enterprise Call info in the http script it keeps the value of the header, then in the queue script you use a Get Enterprise Call Info to get the value of the triggering contact call.peripheral value and stores that in a String variable (in my case the variable called "cliente"). After that use another Set Enterprise Call Info that will push the value into the CAD.


EDIT: Hey Greg...i did some tests and actually what is in the screenshot is not necessary. With the Set Enterprise Call Info (callContact) of your http trigger application should be enough.

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Re: Setting Enterprise Call Info Step Within An HTTP Triggered C

Hi Gabriel.  Thanks for the reply.

The current method that's in place seems to work fine for me in test but when in production, I'm getting about a 60-70% success rate.  As it comes into my ICM queuing script, I'm using another Run Ext Script node to execute a delay to give the Set Enterprise Call Info step from the first VRU script extra time to set it's value before reaching the ICM Queue To Skill Group node.  I definitely notice better results when I did this but still not a 100%.

The reason I'm doing this is because of the notation that the help file discusses about the Set Enterprise Call Info step:

"Note    In a Cisco Unified CCX system:

  • Beginning with CRS 4.0, this step should be placed script before the call gets connected to an agent. This means the step in the script should be placed before the Select Resource Step or in the Selected/Queued branch of the Select Resource step.
  • If call data is set after the call gets connected to the agent, it will not be displayed in Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD)."

So this is why I've been looking to see if this step can somehow be set before the Place Call step.  I'm not that familiar with altering Sessions or Contacts but was hoping someone might know how to manipulate these in order to let me do this.

Thanks again.

Re: Setting Enterprise Call Info Step Within An HTTP Triggered C

What happen if you take off the 3 seconds delay that you have before the Set Enterprise Call Info step?...because when you use the place call the Set Enterprise Call Info step should push the variable inmediately after the queue scripts answers the call, so you're giving the variable before the select resource step, this means that the agent should receive the variable without a problem.


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Re: Setting Enterprise Call Info Step Within An HTTP Triggered C

Yeah, I already have that removed in production.  I've just been trying different delay locations to see if I could get it to behave differently.

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