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Should I upgrade, has anyone done it? CCM 4.1.3 -> 6.x and IPCCX 4.X -> 5.X

We are planning a major upgrade. We are running CCM4.1(3), Unity 4.0_5, IPCCX 4.0(4) Premium. We are going to upgrade CCM so we can install CER 2.0. As long as were are upgrading we thought about IPCCX 5.x as it gives us some much needed/wanted new options. Should we take the jump to IPCCX 5.X??? Anyone out there running it? Also, as long as we are upgrading we wanted to go to CCM 6.X any thoughts?

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Re: Should I upgrade, has anyone done it? CCM 4.1.3 -> 6.x and I

I don't belive the CM 6.X media is available yet, it keeps getting delayed which may indicate issues with it.

If you want to be an early adapter of the new softeware and can afford possible service interuption you can do this.

I have IPCCX 5.0 running in my lab with CM 5.1 for few weeks now, and the only issue I've encoutered is with the outbound preview dialer which behaves strangly.

If I was you I would wait with the CM upgrade to 6.X and upgrade to 5.1 first.


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Re: Should I upgrade, has anyone done it? CCM 4.1.3 -> 6.x and I

We upgraded from 4.1(3) to 5.1 last November. As I recall it is not a direct upgrade from 4.1(3) to 6.0. You will need to go to 4.2 then 6 or to 5.x then 6.0. Search the forum for issues related to ISDN PRI's if you have them as we were bit by a default behavior change between 4.1(3) and 5.1 related to Redirected IE dilivery. Basically we had it confiured, We were getting errors all along but CCM 4x ignored them so we were unaware of it. CCM 5.x no longer ignored the error and drops the call setup attempt.

There are several other changes that caught us off guard. If you have modified the order or names of the Directories list etc you will be forced to update it and use IIS (or other web server) to host the file. I.E we changed the xml file to display "Firm Directory" not Corporate Directory. There are absolutly no rights to these files to directly update it.

Also if you use CMC and were updating them automatically to SQL you will no longer be able to do that either. We are waiting to get to 6.0 before we reengineer that around the AXL process.

We also use Equitrac as a third party call accounting system that read into the CDR database. Yeah, they broke that too. Equitrac reengineered the way they captured and parsed the call records.

Just this past weekend upgraded from IPCC Expresss 4.5 to 5. The install / upgrade documentation is (wait for it) a bit confusing and not to clear on several points.

CCM 6.x media is available as I was sent it.

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