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Show original caller instead of CTI port

Is there any way to have call center agents see who is calling before they take the call? As it is now, the call is answered by the system, then there's an outbound call to the agent which shows the cti port's caller id, and only when the two are connected does the agent see who has been calling.

I know JTAPI but since the incoming call to the agent is another call entirely, the original caller information isn't there so I suppose it would have to be done in the ACD script but I don't recall any option that would permit such a change.

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Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

Please clarify if you are using UCCX or UCCE. This response presumes you are using UCCX.

No there is not; however, the ANI (and any other Enterprise Data you choose) is displayed on the agent's CAD interface while they are being presented the call. Others have suggested workarounds such as a call redirect instead of using the Select Resource or Connect steps; however, I would not recommend this.

Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

Sorry I forgot to mention we're using IPCC Express.

I figure redirect would be the same as redirect in JTAPI, which is indeed a way to show the caller.. but that means the call leaves the call center and if the agent doesn't respond, the call cannot be rerouted so I understand your objections to that approach. I'll have to verify how the queue in question is set up (besides a regular call center iirc they programmed it so that the receptionist also uses UCCX - so, perhaps the drawbacks of a redirect would be okay).

The CAD interface gives me an idea though... do you know which property would show the original caller number? Perhaps there's an ugly workaround where the call center script would tell my caller list application (we keep our own call log which aggregates internal caller ids with database lookups) that a given incoming call comes from another number - but in order to do that I have know the original caller and the global call id of the call from the cti port to the agent (the ideal setup) or at least the original caller identification plus the caller identification of the cti port that makes the outgoing call to the agent.

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Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

You can get the original called number using the Get Call Contact Info step. Assign it to an Enterprise Data variable and assign a data list layout to the workflow that shows this field.

Here's one link where I talk about Enterprise Data setup if you have not done it before:

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Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

Do you know if this is still the case with version 7X? The reason I ask is that I have a customer that has a mix of 7960 phones and 7961 phones and according to them the one with a 7961 shows the "received" numbers on the call logs on the phones as the callerID of the caller and not the CTI port numbers. However, all the other 7960 phones show the CTI Port numbers.

Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

The phone will show the number as received but will show the CTI Port number while ringing. There is no way around this (not realistically anyway), the reason being is that UCCX works by controlling soft phones called CTI Ports. When a call hits UCM and triggers the CTI Route Point pointing towards UCCX the call is handed off to UCCX via a CTI Port which, as a virtual softphone allows UCCX to place the caller on hold, play prompts, collect digits, etc etc.

When UCCX looks to forward that call to an agent, it is essentially doing a transfer from the CTI Port (virtual softphone) to the agent's number. It's basically a controlled blind transfer. The reason you see the CTI Port is because the system must verify the agent answers the call before releasing it to the agent device, if they don't it simply tries the next person while playing music or what have you for the caller until an agent answers, then the call is transferred.

Thus, the received list will show proper number.

Also, regarding the 7960v7961 thing, it is firmware related.

Tanner Ezell
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Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

Thanks Tanner. You mentioned the difference between the 796X phones is firmware. Do you mean that if they upgrade the firmware for the 7960 phone, the callerID (instead of the CTi Ports) will show up in the call logs as well...or are u just stating the main difference between the two phone types is firmare? Just wanted to clarify.

Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

The issue regarding the phone displaying the CTI Port vs the Connected

calling number is firmware related. I don't believe the 7960's will

support that feature.

Whether they can or not is a different story entirely..

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 3:57 PM, jsantos61

Tanner Ezell
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Re: Show original caller instead of CTI port

OK. THanks for the clarification...

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