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Silent monitoring periodically failing

I added 3 new users to our Contact Center. I am having a weird issue where periodically the supervisor gets the message Silent Monitor session failed. We then run PostInstall on the Agent machine, restart CAD, and everything is working. 3 days, a week, 2 weeks or somewhere in there all of a sudden one of these users will fail again on silent monitor and we need to re-run PostInstall to get the system working.

This only happens on the new users. They are using the same phones, network jacks, and PCs that were in pace before, the PCs have just been reimaged with a fresh copy of Windows and software. Since PostInstall seems to resolve the issue (albeit briefly), what exactly does PostInstall do and what could cause it to periodically fail? I can only think of Anti-virus, but nothing else.


Windows 7 latest SP

Microsoft Endpoint Protection

CAD version

UCCX ver:

Phones: 7960




New Member

Whenever this happens, close

Whenever this happens, close the CAD, restart CAD service in the desktop, login again. This is just to make sure that restarting the service is fixing the issue and not the postinstall.


Very important item in postinstall.exe is the IP address of the NIC which has the audio packets. This IP address shouldn’t change. If desktops are getting dynamic IP and that’s not the one being configured in postinstall, this problem can occur. This is very unlikely.


It’s possible that it could be AV or firewall. Make sure that all the required ports are unblocked(refer port utilization guide).




New Member

Thank you for the response. I

Thank you for the response. I have closed and restarted CAD many times. I have even gone as far as restarting the computer to see if that would fix it, but that did not fix it. 

I have made sure the ports and firewall are open and good. 

The system is getting a DHCP address. I was thinking of putting a DHCP resevation for the machine to make sure it did not change IPs, Or even setting a static IP. Anything to make the issue go away. I am just confused why it is happening on only these new systems when everyone else is fine and the image used to build the systems has not changed. 

I guess I will do the DHCP address reservation and see if the issue goes away. Maybe when I upgrade to v10.....



Cisco Employee

Hi Dave how many NIC card you

Hi Dave how many NIC card you have in PC ? If you have wireless NIC then keept it disable .

because postinstall will be empty in wireless NIC.




New Member

Good idea. Unfortunately the

Good idea. Unfortunately the only NIC is the onboard NIC.. The supervisors also have desktops with only one NIC, in case you were wondering. One of the reasons this is so weird is that everything is pretty simple, in this case the NIC is a wired connection. I still lean to some DHCP thing, but not sure why it only impacts these few machines. 



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