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Silently Monitoring Agent who are also Supervisors


I have setup agents so supervisors have the ability to monitor their calls. I have 4 users who are agents as well as supervisors. The supervisors can monitor agents who are strictly agents but are unable to monitor agents who are also supervisors. I had an agent make sure he was logged out of the supervisor desktop and logged into the agent desktop only. We made a call which he could answer but when a supervisor tried to monitor the call she received the error posted in the attachment. Troubleshooting thus far has been unsuccessful. Does anyone know if there are issues monitoring the calls of and agent who is also a supervisor? I've looked for documentation regarding this issue with no luck.




Silently Monitoring Agent who are also Supervisors

There should be no problem. Did you check SPAN to PC port parameter on the phones of those agents/supervisors? Can you run the PostInstall.exe in the machines, check antivirus/firewall on the machines to see if there are blocked ports to and from the UCCX and agent's machine?


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Silently Monitoring Agent who are also Supervisors


Run c:\program files\cisco\desktop\bin\NICQ.exe when a call is active on the agent.

In the same directory, NICQ...txt file will be created.

Check and make sure all tests are passed.

Its the initial test to make sure CAD PC is receiving RTP audio stream from PC or not.

Try this doc as well:

Hope it helps


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Re: Silently Monitoring Agent who are also Supervisors

CORRECTION: I originally posted the text below, but I've checked with DE and my comments below are not correct.  There is no such restriction.  Apologies for any confusion around this posting.

Supervisors cannot monitor other supervisors.  They can only monitor agents.  I can't find the doc that specifies this, but that's the way its always worked and it may have slipped out of the guide over many editions.


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