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Single Script for call recording

I've been trying to write a script for call a call recording message to be announced before a call.

I've setup a translation of the phone number, called the CTI route point of the script then want to take the original number dialled and call that phone on the number dialled in another partition on CUCM.  I want to use a single script for all phones that require a "Your call is recorded" greating message before the call gets conencted.

Everything is working on the script exept that when the call is hitting the Get Call Contact Info call contract the number that gets presented is always the CTI route point not the original number dialled.

In CUCM I've set the Calling Party Transform Mask to be the dialed number but it's not coming through to UCCX

My script is as follows


Get Call Contact Info, matching called number and placing that number into a string

Play Prompt

Call redirect to that string

I've tested the call redirect to a fixed hard coded string of the number I want to call and that works.

On a Debug everytime the Get Call Contact Info updates the string it's with the CTI Route point not the original number dialled.

Anyone know a way around this? Don't care if it's doing it another way, all I want is a message to be played before a call is connected saying your call is being recorded.

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Single Script for call recording


is it Express or Enterprise?


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Single Script for call recording

Express 8.5

Single Script for call recording


I'm afraid with that translation you are overwriting the called number.

There's a trick that might work: could you try setting up a DN for the CTI RP as a range, for instance 4XXX? I remember it used to work with earlier versions of UCCX, not sure about 8.5 though.


Single Script for call recording

If I understand you correctly, you just want a simple way to insert the prompt "Your call is recorded" at the beginning of all or a large number of scripts in UCCX?

I would advise against doing it the way you are doing it, as it causes unecessary overhead on UCCX, CUCM, and the Network.  Not too mention, if you are performing a Call Redirect from a script to another Trigger, best practice has been to insert a 2 second delay before Accept on the second script, which causes ringback and/or delay.

I would simply suggest dropping a Call Subflow into the beginning of each script.  This will keep your modularity and allow you to make changes to the solution without ever having to go back into each script again.

Enough about my opinion and to comment on the existing conversation...

Like G pointed out, the translation pattern being originally dialed will not be available to UCCX and you're next option would be to use a Wildcard DN pattern.

Here's how that flow would look:

Phone > Wildcard DN > Trigger > App > Script > Play Recorded Message > Call Redirect to Dialed Number > Specific DN > Trigger > App > Script > Play Welcome Message

Note the Dailed Number.  This is the Get Call Contact Info step setting which will tell you the specific number dialed, which you will use to redirect the caller to.  Becuase the Dialed Number is going to be more specific, the Wildcard DN should be bypassed and the original more specific trigger should be used.

Just use caution here and do some testing, as I have seen wildcard triggers act weird and hand our busy signals.

Anthony Holloway

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Anthony Holloway

Please use the star ratings to help drive great content to the top of searches.
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I don't want the anouncment

I don't want the anouncment at the begining of every script.

Bit of background..

I work for a NHS organisation, there has been issues with staff calling porters.  I need to record the calls to the porter phones that are all well known extension numbers throughout the hospital, so they can't change.  So if a ward calls a porter phone on example 10000, I need to be able to play a message "Your call is being recorded" before the porter answeres the call.  Bescuase the porter numbers or any other staff group numbers are not sequential I don't think I can use a wild card in CUCM.


What my original idea was to setup a translation for 10000, send that to a UCCX CTI 875000 play the message then UCCX forwards the call to the original number dialed 10000.  I can do this with muliple scripts by hard coding the extenion number but if this gets even more popular I don't want to end up with 50 or so scripts to play a call recording message, I'd like one script.


Is this possible using UCCX?

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