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SIP\H.323 Hybrid

I know that it is possible for Unified CVP 8.0 to run as a hybrid, directing both SIP and H.323 calls however I was curious to know if this functionality is also available in CVP 7.x.  There is mention of it in the 7.x SRND but I wasn't able to find a spot in the document where the functionality is mentioned as clearly as it is in the CVP 8.0 SRND.  Also, is there any downside to using this functionality?  We are only planning on using it to slowly migrate the Call Center from H.323 to SIP.  Thanks in advance for the help. 


Re: SIP\H.323 Hybrid

You should have no problem with this.  I've done this in the lab.

Configuration is on a dial-peer basis; after your pots dial peer doing survivability, you can say that one voip dial peer (based on destination-pattern) contacts CVP through a gatekeeper over H.323 and another contacts CVP via SIP.  In Call Manager you are going to have gatekeeper-controlled trunks and SIP trunks to the proxy, so the dial plan is going to have to be carefully arranged.

MGCP is a problem because it is on a voice port basis.

The SRND is under constant revision. They improved sections in the CVP7 version that applied to both CVP4 and CVP7; they have improved sections in the CVP8 version that apply to earlier CVPs. Of course there are sections that are specific to the new version - like the introduction of the local SRV.xml file in CVP7 where CVP4 could only do SRV on the DNS server.

Try it out in the lab.



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